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TidyMom was started in August of 2008.  I started blogging to share my love of baking, crafting and photography along with  household tips.  During that time I have really grown and enjoy meeting new friends from all over the globe. The blog is updated frequently – usually 5-6 times a week.

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My readers are an ever-growing, loyal group of women who come to looking for easy recipes, household tips, crafts and products that are going to help them ease the chaos of everyday life at home.

I take pride in my blog and work hard to constantly keep it fresh and inviting! I maintain a high standard of  content by being real and staying true to my goal of sharing recipes, original ideas and inspiration.  I have been thrilled to find some of the best readers who are active and involved with this blog and who faithfully visit and enjoy the fun here on TidyMom!

I  have worked as an Ambassador and Spokesperson for many large brands and offer the viewpoint of an experienced Mom.  I’m familiar with many household products. I’ve seen what were the “hottest trendy household  products” when my daughters were little in the ’80s and ’90s, and I know what the “hottest trendy household products” are now.

As a mom to a 20-something and teen, I am a cross-generational blogger and mentor, and am able to reach out to a wide demographic range of women who make marketing decisions.

I have an established presence since 2002 throughout the Internet on many social networking sites, including Twitter, Facebook and many social  forums.

Thanks for considering a partnership with TidyMom. I’m looking forward to working with you.

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